Wet season has arrived. Is your car ready? Rainy days typically don’t require major changes to your car, but having few precautions at the start of any rainy season can make driving easier and safer.

Detect wear on your tire tread: Try the coin test. Insert a coin in the tread. If you cannot see the coin too much, then your tread is in good health. If you can, consider getting new tires. Have a certified mechanic inspect your tires for uneven wear to eliminate any further complications with your vehicle.

Brake pads and brake fluid: Slippery conditions affect brake life. If your car makes any kind of noise — a high-pitched squeal or a grinding noise — get it checked immediately by a professional mechanic.

Windshield wipers: Make them clean and tested for proper operation. If they leave streaks on your windshield, replace them to be able to maintain a safe field of vision.

Anti-water protector: This will help rain water off your windshields and mirrors fast.

These are major checkpoints especially if you’re planning to get a used car soon. Rain is always there and for some, rain won’t stop you from going out with your friends and families. But before you do, please check all these major checkpoints to keep everyone safe. Drive safely!