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Privacy Policy

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website carhub.com.ph! We value and respect your personal information that you share in our website. Precautions are in place on our privacy policy in accordance of the law in protecting shared personal information gathered. Being mentioned, putting up a privacy policy is aimed on placing your mind at ease that all acquired personal information remain as confidential and will not be disclosed through any other means, so as to prevent it to be used in fraudeulent and other illegal deeds. Details about our policy will be provided, such as the coverage of security and privacy for processes on gathered information that you’ll provide and also on its intended use. The trust that you show in providing your personal information and the acceptance of our policy is of high value to us. Rest asure that all personal information provided in this website will be subjected place only for its intended purposes. Although, visiting and browsing to our website will not obligate you in proving us your personal information. Information gathering is only asked upon certain and required transaction. Feel free check out ant time. Anonymity is your right.


Why do we gather information?

We may gather personal information as per required in transactions and order placements on our website. Information such as name, address, telephone number and email address will be collected on the website and retain as point of referrence for future transactions and contact in cases that we need to reach you out. The information gathered will be strictly cofidential and will be retained in a certain period of time. If there will be a need in updating personal information, option to update personal information is available on the website.


The purpose of having your personal information

Having your trust in providing your personal information will guarantee a good service with a fast and accurate transaction. Another purpose for the gathered information is that we may attempt to reach you out for news or updates that you might be interested. The information that we gather is also vital in decision making, from time time we may review and evaluate the information and its demographics and see if there will be any future possibilities or trends that we can use and provide to you through our website.



Yes! Our website make sure that all personal information will and shall remain confidential and safely kept. We highly recommend to create log ins and password for added security. This will ensure that no unauthorized access and no information corruption will infilrate our website. We treat personal information as valuable assets that needs absolute protection. And as such we understand that the outcome of loss or corruption of said information will directly lead to mistrust on our website. Providing highly satisfactory security measures will be taken as part of our privacy policy.