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Splat Decals

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“Your car, your rules”

Splat Decals is a business located in 14 Visayas ave., Brgy. Bahay Toro, Quezon City and is owned by Mr. James Bada.

James started Splat Decals on June 2017 in Iloilo. He believes that your car is an extension of you. Whatever the appearance of the car reflects the personality of the owner. That’s why he started Splat Decals. His objective is to get the taste and the personality of the client and he’s going to use it to design the customer’s decals.


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They started with decals, cut out stickers and customized or personalized stickers. They would like to achieve the personality of the person who’s driving the car.


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If you say “decals” in Iloilo, there is only one name that the people of Iloilo will tell you, and that is Splat Decals. Because of this, he thought of expanding his business to Antique and then now in Quezon City.

Aside from having their 3rd branch here in Quezon city, they also expanded the services they offer. From decals, they also now offer car wrapping or sometimes called “Foil wrapping”

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Their target market is low-mid level so that everyone can afford and can present their personalities through the decals or stickers attached on their cars. Although their target is the low-mid level, the quality of their works is still considered as one of the bests! They make sure that even though the price of their service is very affordable, the quality of the sticker and the quality of their service is not being compromised.

Most of their works are on SUVs and small cars, but they don’t limit theirselves on servicing other types of cars. Whether it’s a sedan, hatchback, van, crossovers or even pickups, they can still give you the best and the most affordable services that you can get!



The services they currently offer are:
-Customized Decals
-Car Wrapping (Full body and Half body)
-Interior Panel Wrapping
-Floating Roof or “Two-Tone” Panoramic Roof
-Rim Sticker Wrapping
-Customized Plates

And in the future, they are also going to provide:
-PPF or “Paint Protection Film”



With their pricing that starts at 1,500, you can get the decals or car wrapping that you’ve been dreaming on putting onto your car!

They are also planning to have another branch around first quarter or second quarter of next year in the southern part of Metro Manila.

The partnership of Splat Decals and CarHub Philippines is a great opportunity for our clients. In every car purchased from CarHub Philippines, Splat Decals will provide a special price for any of the services they offer. The client will also receive a freebie from Splat Decals like Umbrellas, Jackets, Mugs, etc.

You can visit their Facebook page Splat Decals