A used car dealership is simply defined as a business that sells used and pre-loved cars with the appropriate price. The cars being sold may be sourced from car makers and used car owners. Used car dealers may use showrooms, garages and casas to market cars. With recent technology available, car dealers brilliantly showcases the cars on the internet through a website where buyers can get quick access and information on used cars that are being sold. They employ on-site salesperson to assist buyers with questions and guides them on processes required on buying a used car. In addition, used car dealerships may provide other services that will help buyers on other car needs. Such as mechanics and technician for car inspection and maintenance and these personnel are also responsible for ensuring that the cars that roll out the showroom are in good condition. But, why do we need to consider buying cars from a used car dealership? The following paragraph will tackle the importance of having a vehicle and the advantages of buying your dream car from a used car dealerships.


The need for a reliable and affordable vehicle is on the rise. This need arose due to problems like the worsening traffic condition in everyday commuting life in the metro. And also commuters are having limited means on how to conveniently travel from one place to another. Daily we see scenarios of people scrambling and fighting their lives just catch a ride to go to work or home. In reality there are a mass of people in our streets that rely to our Public Utility Vehicles (P.U.V.) for transportation, sadly the number of our P.U.V.’s like buses, jeepney, vans and FX’s is not enough. They simply could no longer accommodate the huge gap between the number people on the street against the number of vehicle that is out there in service. Because of this people choose and really look hard for that option that will fill that gap of a reliable means of transportation. One such option that people look at is owning a car. Over the years we see a steady rise of people buying and owning cars. Many of the cars bought usually comes form used car dealerships. With the aid of these used car dealerships they provide vehicles to buyers for a great deal with fast, easy and hassle free transactions to get that ideal car. And for some they might be considered as a great help for the riding public. Most of us are familiar with the term ride sharing app which is a good example of filling that gap for the lack of vehicles in public use. This is a great business to get into which provides a profitable income for those who own a car, some cars for these ride sharing apps are sourced from used car dealerships. Another example of a used car dealership may help into is in travel and leisure business. People love to travel and they would like to do it in style. A used car dealership can also provide cars for these type of businesses such as car lease and rental. As we can see help from a used car dealership will give you tons of possibility for car owners out there, they may use their purchased vehicle not only for personal use for transportation but for money making endeavors as well.


How do we acquire the benefits and possibilities of owning a car if I don’t have one? Where can I find a reliable vehicle for me to enjoy? And can I buy a car for a cheap price? These are some of the questions that you might have in mind before owning a car. For all questions, doubts and worries there is an answer. A used car dealership are open for you if you are in search for that ideal car that will suit a practical need and for a reasonable rate. But the question still remains. “Why do I need to buy a car from a used car dealer?” Yes its true that many would opt to go for a brand new car if it is viable. What if, as a buyer, you have certain limitation such as “Do I have enough funding in purchasing a car?” Most of us will consider themselves financially challenged or being in a tight budget. Cost is the number one consideration in purchasing, buying a car is not exempted from it. Other considerations will follow such as reliability and practicality fitting the need for getting a car for a particular purpose such as business like a ride sharing app. Which we will tackle as we get along in this discussion. As a buyer, we are looking for the lowest rate possible in buying things without losing or compromising the value of the items being bought. Reaching out to a used car dealer may give us information that may be satisfactory and will fit our needs in getting that ideal car.


Based on recent visit to some of the used car dealerships it is great to see that garages and showrooms are putting their best foot forward. I mention this because on how impressive the range of cars are present and available for sale. The cars on display are in good condition and most of the pre-loved cars are from new car models or make from automakers. One of the new car models sold to the used car dealership by previous owner provide a great deal. The car is just used for a minimal amount of time. We can see that car usages on used car dealerships may range from a month to less than a year or so. This would make a buyer less worried about the condition of the car and instead would take advantage of the great deal that a buyer would have. And besides a new car model is engineered to last a very long time. It would seem that with this new car model trend being sold on used car dealerships, it is not far from buying a brand new car. Having this fact in mind and knowing that every used car dealers provide the best deal or the lowest cost is surely a steal for future car owners.


Our aim is to simply provide information and a quick introduction on used car dealerships. For buyers who are interested in getting to know more about used car dealers, car deals, showrooms and more a listing will be provided as follows.


Auto Trade Philippines

Address: 9 Lt. J. Francisco, Diliman, Quezon City, 1101 Metro Manila
Operating Hour:
Monday 6am–11pm
Tuesday 6am–11pm
Wednesday 6am–11pm
Thursday 6am–11pm
Friday 6am–11pm
Saturday 6am–10pm
Sunday 6am–10pm
Phone: 0917 528 7233
Website: https://autotrade.com.ph


Car Finder Philippines

Address: 42 Ortigas Ave, Pasig, 1609 Metro Manila
Operating Hours:
Monday 8am–7pm
Tuesday 8am–7pm
Wednesday 8am–7pm
Thursday 8am–7pm
Friday 8am–7pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Website: https://www.carfinderph.com/


Kotse Network

Address: Quezon Avenue COR Timog AVE, Diliman, Quezon City, 1103 Metro Manila
Phone: (02) 376 6381
Website: http://www.kotsenetwork.ph


2nd Avenue Cars

Address: Lot 5 Block 5 Mindanao Ave Corner Congressional Ave, Project 8, Bahay Toro, Quezon City, 1106 Metro Manila
Phone: 0917 821 4676


Car Exchange Autorama

Address: Mindanao Avenue, Tandang Sora, Quezon City, 1116 Metro Manila
Phone: (02) 454 7232